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Spurles Stables

Spurles Stables is a purpose built establishment geared up perfectly for training racehorses. Set amongst 500 acres of land in the heart of the Blackmore Vale, the yard boasts 2 gallops, schooling grounds, a sand surface and plenty of grassland ideal for turnout. 

The yard setting allows for a peaceful and relaxed environment for which we feel results in happy horses, content within their training, and the facilities in place allow for tailor made training regimes for individual horses.   

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Stalbles Barn_edited.jpg

The yard consists of large american barn style stables which allow for optimal ventilation and therefore overall health. The stables are all installed by Monarch and bedded with bedmax shavings. 

Spurles Stables boasts capacity for 135 horses, with a separate yard of 19 stables used as an isolation facility for new horses arriving at the yard.  

'Avenue Gallop' - A 4.5 furlong, uphill woodchip gallop which has been long standing and instrumental in training.


'Polo Gallop' - A 1 mile woodchip gallop with a gentle incline and a flat finish. Ideal for starting horses as well as those benefiting for an easier workload.    

Sand Gallop - A deep sand track used for slow conditioning work to build base fitness whilst minimising injury risk. 


We have 4 automatic six horse walkers, 1 inside and 3 covered outdoors.

Instrumental for training regimes to aid horses in need of additional exercise, injury rehabilitation or simply as a warm up or cool down.  

Schooling facilities include a purpose built sand strip with Easyfix hurdles and fences. The strip is adjacent to the sand gallop which makes it ideal for daily use with any horses in need of extra schooling. The strip also includes barrels for the education of young horses.  

We also use Barrow Hill which is an Olympic standard arena where the horses begin their jumping education of poles and barrels before progressing to Easyfix hurdles and fences. This facility is a great starting point in learning a solid jumping technique. Based 1.5 miles from the yard which enables the horses to enjoy a relaxed variation in their routines

Horses turnout.JPG

Our pastures offer idyllic turnout for horses on their summer breaks. With acres of fresh grass, natural shelter and a peaceful location we find our horses are able to summer well. 

We also have plenty of year round turnout adjacent to the main yard  

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